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This site is set up to accept payment via Paypal - please use the menu above to select the sample set(s) you wish to purchase and then use the appropriate Paypal “Add to Cart” button to allow your order to be processed via the secure Paypal website.
Other payment options (such as bank transfer) are available - please email david[at]lavenderaudio.co.uk or use this webform for details.

All sample sets are available to download, as well being supplied on DVD. Once an order is placed, download details (including FTP access for the larger downloads) will be made available promptly (typically within 24 hours). DVDs, where appropriate, will also be dispatched in a timely fashion. Note that for deliveries outside the EU, import taxes may be payable locally at the time of receipt of the package.

Before placing an order, please check the appropriate licensing agreement for the sample set you wish to purchase.

All prices for installation media include postage and packing (in the UK first class post or worldwide Airmail delivery)

Please note - all prices in this section are in UK Pounds Sterling. For sets which require an update to the Hauptwerk dongle, there is a 21 day period in which a decision may be made to return the sample set for a full refund (minus a £15 fee to cover administration costs). The refund process will require a second Hauptwerk dongle update to be applied and for confirmation of this to be received from Milan Digital Audio before the refund is processed. No refunds can be given for non-protected sets once media has been dispatched or downloaded details made available. Please see individual items for confirmation as to whether or not this refund service refund is available and get in contact if further clarification is needed.
Your right to privacy is considered to be of prime importance. By its very nature, Paypal is a method of paying for which no personal financial details need to be shared. Where account details are passed (for example bank transfer), these details will be kept strictly confidential and not shared with any third party under any circumstances.
Likewise, all email addresses will be kept confidential, with the exception of Hauptwerk dongle updates where the purchaser’s email address will need to be passed to Milan Digital Audio for the sole purpose of processing the dongle update.
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EU VAT Changes 2015

Under existing UK tax law, DHJB LTD (parent company of Lavender Audio) is not required to register for VAT - thus, all prices on this site are not subject to VAT. However, as of the 1st January 2015, the EU requires that VAT on digital services is paid in the consumer’s country instead of the supplier’s country. The term “digital services” includes paid for software which is downloaded; however, it is understood that anything physically supplied (eg DVD or USB memory stick) is not subject to this change. Therefore, to avoid having to charge VAT on non-UK EU sales and keep a consistent price structure worldwide, regrettably - for EU customers - it will not be possible to provide download information following a sale. Prompt shipment of DVD media will of course be maintained and Airmail delivery to Europe typically takes between 2 and 5 working days. We regret any inconvenience this causes and it’s important to emphasise that both customers in the UK and those outside the EU are unaffected by this enforced change. Also, please note that free evaluation downloads will be available to all as usual.