The Armley Schulze
Hauptwerk v4-v5 Virtual Organ
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Two 10 stop evaluation sample sets are available for free download. The first comprises just the Chancel samples whilst the second set adds the Nave and Surround samples. These sample sets are fully functioning without time-out or limited compass ranks and are provided on a “donation-ware” basis which encourages a donation to the Armley Schulze organ maintenance fund should a decision be taken not to purchase either the 32 or 57 stop Armley sets (the price of these sets includes a donation to the fund). Please see below for the full licensing terms.


The memory requirement at Hauptwerk default loading conditions (16 bit, lossless compression, all loops and releases) is approximately 1636 MB for the single-channel set and approximately 4823 MB for the multi-channel set. The single-channel evaluation sample set is compatible with Hauptwerk Free edition, but only if the set is loaded at 16 bit with lossless compression and - crucially - the multiple sample loops drop-down box is set to “Load only first”.


Although the sample set is small, the samples (24 bit, 48 kHz) are identical to those found in the larger sets which, along with the array of couplers, pistons and other playing aids, should allow ample opportunity for evaluation. Separate samples for all tremulant affected stops are also included, along with the ability to control the volumes of all divisions and chancel, nave and surround recording positions.


The single-channel set features the chancel samples only.



Major Principal
Rausch Quinte

Swell to Great
Choir to Great


Flauto Traverso
Flauto Traverso



Swell to Choir


Sub Bass

Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Choir to Pedal


Licence Agreement for the Armley Schulze Evaluation Sample Sets (applicable to the single and multi-channel versions)


1. These fully functioning sample sets are provided to the licensee on a “donation-ware” basis. They may be used indefinitely on any computing equipment owned by the licensee in any form of private or public installation. Should a decision be taken not to purchase either the Armley 32 or Armley 57 sample sets whilst continuing to use either of the Evaluation sets, it is requested that a donation be made to the Armley organ maintenance fund either via (for details, see or via Paypal (use the link at the foot of this page -


2. Copyright and intellectual property rights of the original samples, images and organ definition files is retained by Lavender Audio. Keyboard images are the copyright of Milan Digital Audio LLC.


3. Private and public performances and recordings with these sample sets are fully licensed, with the exception of those of a commercial nature.


4. These samples are licensed only for use in connection with software issued by Milan Digital Audio or their successors. Note that the individual samples and the organ definition file are encrypted to ensure this.


5. Samples and organ definition files may not be resold or given to any third party without prior permission from Lavender Audio. The component packages from which the installation was carried out may be freely shared.


6. These sample sets are provided "as is", with no implied suitability for any particular intended use. No liability can be accepted for any injury or damage, howsoever caused, arising from the use of these sample sets.









Great and Pedal pistons coupled
Generals on Pedal foot pistons
Generals on Swell foot pistons

Reversible pistons
Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal, Swell to Great
Reversible foot pistons
Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal

Six general pistons and general cancel
Six foot pistons to the Pedal Organ
Four pistons to the Choir Organ
Six pistons each to the Great and Swell Organs

Single-channel evaluation set for Hauptwerk v4

3,018,062,650 bytes

MD5 checksum is 20a36f96d3a64b1d57d35510fa507e66

Single-channel ealuation set for Hauptwerk v5 (Hauptwerk V)

3,121,662,769 bytes

MD5 checksum is 8d05725ae990dbce3e4517676332a823

The multi-channel evaluation set (adding the Nave and Surround samples) is also available for download and is in two parts.


IMPORTANT: Both parts one and two, as well as the single channel set detailed above must all be installed for the multi-channel organ to load.

Multi-channel evaluation set for Hauptwerk v4 - PART1

2,862,385,356 bytes

MD5 checksum is b0dcadee89a86bfdd8ef68861293f2a0


Multi-channel evaluation set for Hauptwerk v4 - PART2

2,952,440,838 bytes

MD5 checksum is 7d15dbf5eae1ab8ebb019685800b0e16

Multi-channel evaluation set for Hauptwerk v5 (Hauptwerk V) - PART1

2,938,607,370 bytes

MD5 checksum is 9993922b4519a2d750aa3e1ebd28f107


Multi-channel evaluation set for Hauptwerk v5 (Hauptwerk V)- PART2

3,009,727,034 bytes

MD5 checksum is b2fb812ac8e8a186bd35d25b5eec6904