Organ Samples for Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ
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For general queries and issues with the installation and use of Lavender Audio sample sets, please use email to let us know the details of of your problem.

HAUPTWERK V (version 5)

All existing Lavender Audio sample sets have been repackaged to offer full compatibility with Hauptwerk V. Milan Digital Audio have now ceased their support for Hauptwerk version 4 sample set licence updates; this means that all sample sets requiring dongle/iLok licence updates are now only available in the latest Hauptwerk V format. As all evaluation sample sets, along with the Haverhill OIC Mini, Groton, Little Waldingfield and South Suffolk sets do not require a dongle/iLok licence update, these sets all continue to be available for both Hauptwerk v4 and Hauptwerk V.

Existing Lavender Audio customers who choose to upgrade to Hauptwerk V between now and the 1st October 2020 will have all of their existing sample set licences migrated to the new Hauptwerk V iLok security system free of charge. After that date, any migration from a previous version of Hauptwerk to Hauptwerk V will regrettably incur a licence update cost of between 12 and 24 GB Pounds per sample set, depending on the sample set being migrated. Further details on charges will be provided on request and it is naturally preferable to upgrade to Hauptwerk V before October 2020 if at all possible. Nonetheless, all previously purchased Lavender Audio sample sets will continue working indefinitely if the decision is taken not to proceed with an upgrade to Hauptwerk V.

Under Hauptwerk V, all Lavender Audio sample sets (including evaluation sets) will need to be replaced with the latest versions. These are available for free download or may be ordered on either USB memory stick or DVD for the standard 14 GB Pounds cost per sample set - please see the media purchasing options on the Order pages of this website. Some Hauptwerk V sample sets are available for download via the links below ... otherwise, please contact Lavender Audio for download information as necessary.


Sample sets available for immediate download ...

(please click on the links for download information)



St Mary-le-Bow single-channel (standard and extended)


Armley 57 stop single-channel (standard and enhanced)


Armley 32 stop single-channel (standard and enhanced)


Hereford Cathedral Complete (including 67XL set)


Hereford Cathedral 46 Stop


* Hereford Cathedral 23 Stop


Haverhill OIC Full


* Little Waldingfield - direct download link (745 MB)


* Groton - direct download link (344 MB)


Sample sets available for download on request ...

(existing customers, please contact Lavender Audio for download information stating sample set(s) required and approximate date of purchase)



St Mary-le-Bow multi-channel (standard and extended)


Armley 57 stop multi-channel


Armley 32 stop multi-channel


Haverhill OIC Extended


Haverhill OIC Mini


South Suffolk Organ

All of the Hauptwerk V sample sets have had the latest patches and alterations incorporated, so there are currently no additional patches that need to be installed.


At present, the only way of evaluating a Lavender Audio Hauptwerk sample set is to download the Evaluation version which may be found on the relevant sample set webpage; Hauptwerk V versions of all Evaluation sets have been created and are available alongside the Hauptwerk v4 versions. This policy though remains under review, depending on demand and the uptake of Hauptwerk V




Once a Lavender Audio sample set has been purchased, a licence activation code will be provided by Lavender Audio, usually within 24 hours. This needs to be redeemed to the customer’s iLOK account in iLOK Licensing Manager - the procedure is outlined on the iLOK website Licenses & Codes section. Once redeeemed, the new sample set licence(s) may be moved to the iLOK key or used in the cloud licensing system. Please note that there normally no longer needs to be any involvement with Milan Digital Audio when it comes to sample set licensing.


Hauptwerk V customers who are interested in purchasing a sample set for the first time may also use the links provided in Table 1. Note, however, that the appropriate set will need to be purchased and activation code applied before the set can be successfully loaded in Hauptwerk. Download information for new customers of sample sets in Table 2 will be provided individually once an order for that set has been received.


HAUPTWERK version 4

The support information (including patches) for previous versions of the Lavender Audio sample sets has been archived. Please click here to access this information.

* the asterisk denotes sample sets which are made available as full versions on a shareware basis. No iLok licence update is required for these sets. Please see the Order pages for details of suggested donations.



For customers upgrading to Hauptwerk V from Hauptwerk version 4, iLok codes are not provided by Lavender Audio. Instead, existing sample set licences (from all providers) are transferred from the old Hauptwerk v4 dongle to the iLok licensing system by a menu command within Hauptwerk. This transfer needs to be initiated by the customer ... the process is best explained via the following Hauptwerk forum post:


(start reading from "To migrate any licenses for copy-protected pre-v5 Hauptwerk sample sets ...")