Hereford Cathedral
Hauptwerk v3-v5 Sample Sets
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The Organs.

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A 10 stop evaluation mini sample set is available for free download. This sample set is fully functioning without time-out or limited compass ranks and is provided on a shareware basis - please see below for the full licensing terms. Specifically, should the set prove to be useful and the decision is taken not to proceed with the purchase of one of the main sample sets based on the Hereford Cathedral organ (ie the Hereford 23, 46 or completed set when available) within 30 days, then the option exists to continue to use this set following the payment of a donation. By way of encouragement, when an appropriate donation is made, a link to an additional fully licensed installation package will be made available which, when downloaded and installed, will add an extra stop to the Swell (the Swell Vox Angelica).


In addition, the value of any such donations may be offset against the cost of any future purchase of a Hereford Cathedral sample set ... ie, the value of the donation will be deducted in full from the prevailing purchase price of the chosen sample set. Typically the mechanism for this will involve a partial Paypal refund following purchase.


Both the shareware and the licensed mini sets are fully compatible with Hauptwerk Free edition, versions 3 (minimum v3.23) and 4. The memory requirement at Hauptwerk default loading conditions (16 bit, lossless compression, all loops and releases) is approximately 1000 MB and any computer system which is able to run the standard St Anne’s Moseley sample set should have no difficulty with this mini set. Although this sample set is small, the samples (24 bit, 48 kHz) are identical to those found in the larger sets which, along with the array of couplers, pistons and other playing aids, should hopefully allow ample opportunity for evaluation.


The evaluation mini set is available separately for both Hauptwerk version 3/4 and version 5 as follows ...

Open Diapason No.2
Stopped Diapason
Principal No.2

Swell to Great
Swell octave to Great
Swell suboct to Great

Choir to Great
Choir octave to Great
Choir suboct to Great


Stopped Diapason

Swell octave
Swell suboctave
Swell unison off



Open Diapason

Choir octave
Choir suboctave
Choir unison off

Swell to Choir
Swell octave to Choir
Swell suboct to Choir



Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Choir to Pedal
Swell octave to Pedal
Choir octave to Pedal

Great & Pedal combinations coupled


Licence Agreement for the Evaluation Mini Sample Set


1. This fully functioning sample set is provided to the licensee on a shareware basis. It may be used for a maximum period of 30 days for evaluation on any computing equipment owned by them in any form of private or public installation. At the expiry of this period, the licensee must follow one of the following steps:


i) Make a donation to allow continued use via the Lavender Audio website (see

ii) Purchase one of the other Hereford Cathedral sample sets.

iii) Completely uninstall this sample set and delete the downloaded installation files


2. Copyright and intellectual property rights of the original samples, images and organ definition files is retained by Lavender Audio.


3. Private and public performances and recordings with this sample set are fully licensed, with the exception of those of a commercial nature.


4. These samples are licensed only for use in connection with software issued by Milan Digital Audio or their successors. Note that the individual samples and the organ definition file are encrypted to ensure this.


5. Samples and organ definition files may not be resold or given to any third party without prior permission from Lavender Audio. The component package from which the installation was carried out may be freely shared.


6. These sample sets are provided "as is", with no implied suitability for any particular intended use. No liability can be accepted for any injury or damage, howsoever caused, arising from the use of these sample sets.








Evaluation set for Hauptwerk v3 or v4

1,841,571,413 bytes

MD5 checksum is 0f9af1e4ad1a000a49b57b68766f5565

Evaluation set for Hauptwerk v5 (Hauptwerk V)

2,126,279,396 bytes

MD5 checksum is d18b180b51f4c6d1ebf8282984f1b7a8