Hereford Cathedral
Hauptwerk (v5 and upwards) Virtual Organ

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The Organs.
There are four sample sets based on the the Hereford Father Willis, ranging from a small evaluation set to the complete instrument of 67 stops. All sets benefit from the following features (as applicable), designed to maximise realism and quality:

• Every note of every stop has been sampled at a rate of 48kHz and a resolution of 24 bits

• Samples are presented “wet”, ie complete with the natural reverberation of the church (for some stops, 5 seconds or more)

• Multiple releases are employed, with the vast majority of stops featuring three releases per note for greatly improved realism in staccato passages

• Multiple loops are featured, with almost all samples benefiting from 3 or 4 separate loops

• Separately sampled tremulants are featured for the Solo Viola da Gamba, Orchestral Oboe, Clarinet and Cor Anglais

• Hauptwerk’s models for swell enclosure and tremulant have been accurately programmed, based on samples taken across the compass of each stop

• Blower, tremulant action, stop action and key action noises are also included


In planning for the release of the various sets which use the Hereford Cathedral organ samples, care has been taken to create organs that are complete in their own right and bear comparison to other instruments of a similar number of stops. Each volume is of a similar size and the pricing tends to reflect this.

All three volumes are now available, along with an Evaluation Mini Set. An “XL” version is also provided with the complete (67 stop) sample set. This increases the manual and pedal ranges to 61 and 32 notes respectively, as well as offering various other enhancements and changes.

These sample sets are all fully compatible with Hauptwerk version 5 upwards, including the most recent release of Hauptwerk. The organ was sampled in April 2009 and February 2010 using high quality microphones by Bruel & Kjaer (now DPA) and AKG. Mic pre-amps and digital conversion by Focusrite and M-Audio.
Willis III Console

The Willis III console with (from bottom to top) Choir, Great, Swell and Solo divisions. The row of rocking tabs above the Solo are the couplers and numerous pistons and other playing aids are visible in the keyslips.


(Volumes 1, 2 & 3)


This set is faithful to the organ as it exists today with nothing added or taken away.


HW Advanced Edition recommended, although Lite Edition is suitable



(Volumes 1 & 2)


A good variety of stops spread across all four manuals and pedals.


Suitable for HW Advanced or Lite Edition

Hereford 46


(Volume 1)


An excellent introduction to the sound of the Hereford Cathedral Father Willis. Available to download on a shareware basis.


Suitable for HW Advanced or Lite Edition

Hereford 23



A small subset of the Father Willis which gives an opportunity to try the organ before purchasing.


Suitable for HW Advanced or Lite Edition


This agreement is applicable to the Hereford Licensed Mini, the Hereford 23 Stop, the Hereford 46 Stop and the Hereford Complete sample sets.

1. The sample set(s) may be used indefinitely by the licensee on any computing equipment owned by them in any form of private or public installation.

2. Copyright and intellectual property rights of the original samples, images and organ definition files is retained by Lavender Audio.

3. Copyright in any musical performance using these samples is vested solely in the licensee. A musical performance is defined as one in which the samples are combined in such a fashion that no individual samples could be re-used by a third party.

4. These samples are licensed only for use in connection with software issued by Milan Digital Audio or their successors. Note that the individual samples (but not the organ definition files) are encrypted to ensure this.

5. Organ definition files and custom organ definition files may be freely edited for personal or public use by the licensee but not distributed to any third party unless specifically authorised by Lavender Audio.

6. These samples may be freely combined with samples from other sample set producers to form composite organs defined by standard or custom organ definitions only where this is specifically permitted by the third party sample set licence(s).

7. Performances and recordings with these sample sets are fully licensed, with no further payments or permissions required. For recordings with a planned commercial release, an acknowledgement to the source of the samples (ie the Hauptwerk sample set of the organ of Hereford Cathedral, UK) should be made where possible (eg on a CD inlay card).

8. This licence is conditionally transferable. Samples and organ definition files may only be resold or given to any third party with prior permission from Lavender Audio. Any such licence transfer will be co-ordinated by Milan Digital Audio (or their successors) and will depend upon the licence being successfully removed from the original licensee's Hauptwerk dongle.

9. These sample sets are provided "as is", with no implied suitability for any particular intended use. No liability can be accepted for any injury or damage, howsoever caused, arising from the use of these sample sets.