Organ Samples for Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ
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St Bartholemew, Groton

An 8 stop Father Willis dating from 1888.
All organs are presented as “wet” sample sets, with microphones positioned reasonably close to the pipes and therefore needing little or no additional reverberation. Please click on the screenshot thumbnail to find out more about each instrument.
St Lawrence, Little Waldingfield

An 18 stop instrument by Suffolk organ builder Joseph Hart, dating from 1809.
South Suffolk Organ

A 25 stop composite instrument, based on the Hart organ at Little Waldingfield.
Haverhill Old Independent Church

A 40 stop English romantic organ built by J.J. Binns and dating from 1901. A range of sample sets based on this instrument are available.
Hereford Cathedral

Built in 1892, this is a fine example of Father Willis’s later work, comprising of some 67 speaking stops. Various sample sets based on this instrument are now available, from a small evaluation set to the complete instrument.
St Bartholomew, Armley

One of Edmund Schulze’s finest instruments which has been preserved in near original condition. Two instruments are available - the complete 57 stop organ and a smaller 32 stop sample set; both feature multiple recording perspectives.
St Mary-le-Bow, London

Built in 2010 by Kenneth Tickell, this 2 manual, 30 stop organ is classically styled with some French influences. This sample set includes an extended version of 39 speaking stops over 3 manuals, all exclusively based on the St Mary-le-Bow samples.