St Mary-le-Bow, London
Hauptwerk v4-v5 Virtual Organ
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Two 9 stop evaluation sample sets are available for free download. The first comprises the single-channel samples (ie a blend of Close and Ambient) whilst the second set incorporates all three perspectives - Close, Ambient and Surround. These sample sets are fully functioning without time-out or limited compass ranks and are provided on a freeware basis. Please see below for the full licensing terms.


The memory requirement at Hauptwerk default loading conditions (16 bit, lossless compression, all loops and releases) is approximately 1,645 MB for the single-channel set and approximately 4,768 MB for the multi-channel set. The single-channel evaluation sample set is compatible with Hauptwerk Free edition, but only if the set is loaded at 16 bit with lossless compression and - crucially - the multiple sample loops drop-down box is set to “Load only first”. Loading in this fashion takes 1,433 MB memory.


Although the sample set is small, the samples (24 bit, 48 kHz) are identical to those found in the larger sets which, along with the array of couplers, pistons and other playing aids, should allow ample opportunity for evaluation. Separate samples for all tremulant affected stops are also included, along with the ability to control the volumes of all divisions and - for the multi-channel set - the volume of the Close, Ambient and Surround perspectives.


Incidentally, with reference to the main user manual, please note in particular the section on Temperament and Tuning and the recommendation to set the Random Pipe Detuning Adjustment in Organ Settings | Organ Preferences to zero when using any temperament other than the original organ tuning.


The single-channel evaluation set may be downloaded via the following links ...

Open Diapason
Stopped Diapason

Swell to Great


Chimney Flute
Traverse Flute

1 1/3

Sub Bass

Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal


Licence Agreement for the St. Mary-le-Bow Evaluation Sample Sets (applicable to the single and multi-channel versions)


1. These fully functioning sample sets are provided to the licensee as freeware.


2. Copyright and intellectual property rights of the original samples, images and organ definition files is retained by Lavender Audio.


3. Private and public performances and recordings with these sample sets are fully licensed, with the exception of those of a commercial nature.


4. These samples are licensed only for use in connection with software issued by Milan Digital Audio or their successors. Note that the individual samples and the organ definition file are encrypted to ensure this.


5. Samples and organ definition files may not be resold or given to any third party without prior permission from Lavender Audio. The component packages from which the installation was carried out may be freely shared.


6. These sample sets are provided "as is", with no implied suitability for any particular intended use. No liability can be accepted for any injury or damage, howsoever caused, arising from the use of these sample sets.









Great and Pedal pistons coupled
Generals on Swell foot pistons

Reversible pistons
Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal, Swell to Great
Reversible foot pistons
Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal

Eight general pistons and general cancel
Eight foot pistons to the Pedal Organ
Eight pistons each to the Great and Swell Organs

Single-channel evaluation set for Hauptwerk v4

3,040,712,549 bytes

MD5 checksum is 2cdfdec0698aba8412386d6b355b8375

Single-channel ealuation set for Hauptwerk v5 (Hauptwerk V)

3,126,983,111 bytes

MD5 checksum is 8bcc16150e0042769bc31cdcac9e2d68


The multi-channel evaluation set (featuring Close, Ambient and Surround perspectives) is also available for download and is in three parts.


IMPORTANT: All three parts must be installed for the multi-channel organ to load. This set does not require the installation of the single-channel set.

Multi-channel evaluation set for Hauptwerk v4 - PART1

2,951,877,799 bytes

MD5 checksum is 3ad28b3a838e7f0beb64336ecda044be


Multi-channel evaluation set for Hauptwerk v4 - PART2

2,931,232,410 bytes

MD5 checksum is 52a3a3a2dc139ed85b0046549f577181


Multi-channel evaluation set for Hauptwerk v4 - PART3

2,898,966,058 bytes

MD5 checksum is 49b8814a9e9cac63bfc876e9098b5f0a

Multi-channel evaluation set for Hauptwerk v5 (Hauptwerk V) - PART1

3,034,763,734 bytes

MD5 checksum is 5ed8e52622081404446b6b46209a4960


Multi-channel evaluation set for Hauptwerk v5 (Hauptwerk V)- PART2

3,002,045,689 bytes

MD5 checksum is d2fb9d18abe79b4f3b512683c84f3501


Multi-channel evaluation set for Hauptwerk v5 (Hauptwerk V)- PART3

2,970,765,538 bytes

MD5 checksum is 770167a4502598395faa5b656c0d491c