South Suffolk Organ
Hauptwerk v4-v5 (and upwards) Virtual Organ

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The Organ.
The Organs.


Elegy - Sir George Thalben-Ball

Opening solo - Gt Open Diapason
Build up to full organ
Final solo - Gt Cremona, then Sw strings
Folk Tune - Percy Whitlock

Opening solo - Gt Stopped Diapason (solo), and Sw Open Diapason
Middle section - Sw Cornopean (solo), Gt Stopped Diapason
Final section - All Sw 8‘s, Gt Stopped + Dulciana
Gt Open, Stopped, Principal, Twelfth, Fifteenth, Sw to Gt
Sw Open, Gedact, Principal, Mixture,
Ped Bourdon, Principal, Fifteenth, Double Trumpet, Sw to Ped
Sonata No. 4 - Felix Mendelssohn

Final movement - Allegro maestoso e vivace
Gt Full except Trumpet, Sw Full except Double Trumpet, Ped Full except 32‘
Middle section: Gt Open, Stopped, Principal. Sw Gedact, Principal, Sw octave
Ped Bourdon, Principal, Fifteenth, Sw to Ped
Building to full organ at the end
Prelude & Fugue in B major - Saint-Saens

Prelude - Sw Open & Gedact; Gt Stopped Diapason, Dulciana and Flute (sometimes just the Stopped Diapason); Ped Bourdon and Bass Flute
Fugue - Sw 8, 4, Mixture, Oboe (shut); Gt Stopped & Principal; Ped Bourdon & Principal; all couplers. Builds to full organ minus Gt Trumpet and Sw Double Trumpet