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St Mary-le-Bow.
Other organs.


The organ installation packages for Groton and Little Waldingfield are provided as Shareware and both are compatible with Hauptwerk Free Edition. Please note that these downloads are provided for evaluation purposes, allowing you to try the sample sets before making any financial commitment. After a period of 30 days, you are obliged to make a donation to the project should you wish to continue to make use of either or both sample sets. Suggested donations are shown below and we regret that no refunds are available for any of these instruments.

Should you choose to donate €49 or more, then as well as licensing both Groton and Little Waldingfield organs, you will be emailed details to allow you to download the South Suffolk Organ composite set. DVD’s containing both the shareware and full sample sets are also available.

Click here to download the Groton organ and here to download the Little Waldingfield instrument.
Groton - suggested donation € 18
Little Waldingfield - suggested donation € 31
South Suffolk organ - required donation € 49
GROTON, LITTLE WALDINGFIELD and SOUTH SUFFOLK ORGAN - sample sets for HAUPTWERK v4 & V+ (versions 5, 6, 7 and 8)
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DVD containing fully licensed versions of Groton, Little Waldingfield and South Suffolk organs - € 61
DVD containing shareware (unlicensed) versions of Groton and Little Waldingfield - € 12
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