St Lawrence, Little Waldingfield, Suffolk
Hauptwerk v4-v5 (and upwards) Virtual Organ

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Voluntary in A minor - John James
Adagio ~ Moderato
Adagio - Gt Stopped Diapason and Principal
Moderato - Gt Open, Stopped, Principal, Twelfth, Fifteenth
Cornet Voluntary - William Walond
Adagio ~ Allegro
Adagio - Sw Gedact and Principal
Allegro - RH Gt Stopped Diapason, Flute, Mixture; LH Sw Open, Gedact and Principal
Gt Stopped Diapason, Flute, Fifteenth
Freu Dich Sehr - Karg-Elert
First section - Sw Viol and Gedact
Second section - Sw Double, Gedact, Open, Principal, Mixture
Von Himmel Hoch - Karg-Elert
First section - RH Sw Open, Viol and Gedact, LH Gt Stopped Diapson (& Flute)
Then building up to full organ from Sw 16, 8, 4
Recit de Hautbois - Lefebure-Wely
Sw Oboe and Gedact
Gt Open Diapason & Stopped Diapason;
Ped Bourdon, coupled to Sw Open Diapason, Gedact & Principal
Gt Trumpet; Sw Open Diapason, Gedact,Principal
Ich Ruf’ zu Dir - J.S. Bach
Gt Stop Diapason & Fifteenth; Sw Gedact & Princiapl
Ped Bourdon, coupled to Sw