Old Independent Church, Haverhill, Suffolk
Hauptwerk v3-v5 Virtual Organ

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The Organs.


Ch Concert Flute, Sw to Ch. Sw Vox Angelica and Voix Celestes. Ped Bass Flute & Sw to Ped

At 0‘49“ add Sw Stop Diapason and Ped Bourdon, then later add Sw Open Diapason
At 1‘02” add Sw Geigen Principal and Flautina, then later add Swell Oboe (at 1‘23“)
Final solo is the Ch Clarinet
Gt Hohl Flute, Sw to Gt. Sw Stop Diapason, Vox Angelica, Principal, Oboe
Ped Open Diapason, Bass Flute, Sw & Gt to Ped. Then add Sw Suabe Flute (at 0‘22“)

At 0‘59” Sw Stop Diapason, Vox Angelica. Ch Clarinet, Sw to Ch. Ped Bourdon & Sw to Ped
At 2‘09“ build to initial registration, then add Sw Suabe Flute and Flautina (at 2‘46”)
At 3‘22“ Sw Stop Diapason, Vox Angelica and Celeste. Ch Concert Flute, Sw to Ch
Prelude (from Prelude, Fugue and Variation) - Cesar Franck

Ch Orchestral Oboe, Concert Flute
Sw Stop Diapason
Ped Bourdon, Bass Flute
Gt 8,4,2 Diapasons, Sw to Gt.  Swell Full.
Ped Open 16, 8 and 4, Bourdon.
Sw, & Gt to Ped. 2nd manual = Swell

At 0‘58“  Gt Open and Fifteenth in, add Viola, Sw Clarion in.
At 2‘07” as start but also with Gt Mixture and Ped Trombone
At 2‘30“ add Gt Posaune and Ped 32‘ + Tromba

Then Gt + Posaune, Ped + Tromba
Toccata - Gt 8,4,2,III Diapason chorus. Sw Stop Diapason, Principal 4, Flautina2
Ch 8 & 4 Flutes and Mixture II. Sw to Choir. 2nd manual = Choir
Ped 16 Bourdon, Principal 8, Fifteenth 4, Trombone, Sw to Ped, Ch to Ped

Fugue - Gt 8 & 4 Flutes and Fifteenth 2. Sw and Ch as for Toccata
Ped 16 Bourdon, Principal 8, Fifteenth 4, Sw to Ped, Ch to Ped

At 1‘33“ Gt add Principal and Mixture, Harmonic Flute in. Ped add Trombone
At 2‘08” Gt add Posaune, Ped add Tromba
A big outing for the Trumpet en Chamade. The final chords feature full organ, complete with sub and super octave couplers.
A very romantic interpretation with plenty of stop changes. An opportunity to explore some of the quieter colours of the organ.
Marche aux Flambeau - Scotson Clark

The March of the Torch-Bearers. Something in a lighter vein and featuring some of the organ’s louder combinations.
Gt Open Diapason, Principal, Fifteenth, Sw to Gt
Sw Stop Diapason, Geigen Principal, Mixture
Ped Bourdon, Flute, Contra Fagotto, Sw to Ped, Gt to Ped.

At 1‘06“ Gt Fifteenth and Open Diapason in, Hohl Flute out. Ped Contra Fagotto in.
At 1‘45” registration as at start.
Registration details for these next three demos can be found here
Starts with the new Choir strings, with the choir 8‘ and 4‘ flutes featuring part way through. Then we hear the swell strings and 8‘ flute and the piece ends with just the Swell Stop Diapason.
Based on the first three verses of Psalm 81 (Sing we merrily unto God our strength...), this piece contrasts the Tuba (played in chords) with various combinations on the Great and Swell.
Although Hollins asks for an Orchestral Trumpet, the Tuba is a good substitute as the solo stop. It is balanced with Swell to mixture coupled to Great 8, 4 and 2 before building to full Swell and Great at the end.
All of these mp3 demonstrations have been recorded using Hauptwerk’s in built recorder with no external processing applied.
More demos of the Extended Set will be provided - meanwhile, here are some short and simple improvisations that demonstrate some of the new stops and combinations. Apologies for the lack of musical sophistication !