Old Independent Church, Haverhill, Suffolk
Hauptwerk v3-v5 Virtual Organ

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The Organ.OIC Sample Sets.Demos.Licence.
The Organs.
The sale of the Extended, Full and Mini sets are subject to the following licence agreement:

1. The sample set may be used indefinitely by the licensee on any computing equipment owned by them in any form of private or public installation.

2. Copyright in the original samples, images and organ definition files is retained by Lavender Audio.

3. Copyright in any musical performance using these samples is vested solely in the licensee. A musical performance is defined as one in which the samples are combined in such a fashion that no individual samples could be re-used by a third party.

4. These samples are licensed only for use in connection with software issued by Crumhorn Labs or their successors. Note that the individual samples (but not the organ definition files) are encrypted to ensure this and a dongle update is required before the samples may be used.

5. Organ definition files and custom organ definition files may be freely edited for personal or public use by the licensee but not distributed to any third party unless specifically authorised by Lavender Audio.

6. These samples may be freely combined with samples from other sample set producers to form composite organs defined by standard or custom organ definitions only where this is specifically permitted by the third party sample set licence(s). Any composite organ so created must only be for personal use and not transmitted in any form to any third party.

7. All performances and recordings with this sample set are fully licensed, including those of a commercial nature. In the case of a recording that has a planned commercial release, an acknowledgement to the source of the samples (ie the Haverhill Old Independent Church, Suffolk, UK) should be made where possible (eg on a CD inlay card).

8. This licence is not transferable. Samples and organ definition files may not be resold or given to any third party without prior permission from Lavender Audio.